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Local Elections 2021

votes/seats charts

Super Thursday has passed and it was less than super.
But there is much to think about.

The press and TV are describing this as a disaster for Labour. Well, they would, wouldn’t they?

We all have our own feelings and fears and frustrations but I can’t yet find the words to articulate them.

We have our work cut out to hold the new Cornwall Council to account every day, every step of the way.
We have new Town and Parish Councillors to be the voices of reason and decency in communities across the Far West.

But there will be much to talk about.

In lieu of any answers here are a few figures for Cornwall.
The Conservatives got 63851 votes, 37.27%, which gave them 47 seats (54% of the seats).
The Lib Dems got 32818 votes, 19.15%, which gave them 13 seats (14.9% of the seats).
The “Independents” got 30508 votes, 17.81%, which gave them 16 seats (18.4% of the seats).
Labour got 19289 votes, 11.26%, which gave us 5 seats (just 5.7% of the seats).
The Greens got 15550 votes, 9.08%, which gave them 1 seat.
Mebyon Kernow got 8719 votes, 5.09%, which gave them 5 seats.
Just 600 votes went to the rest. UKIP getting a grand total of 55.

The Conservative vote was up but only by about 2%.
The Lib Dems were 10.6% down on 2017.
The “Independents” were also down about 2.5%.
The Greens, perhaps understandably, were up by 7%.
But our vote also went up by about 3.25%.

I just want to thank Chris Drew for these figures which he kept updating live online all through Friday.

Labour Cornwall Councillors

And congratulations to our new and returning Cornwall Councillors!

Stephen Barnes – Redruth North – 34% of the vote

Kate Ewert – Rame Peninsula & St Germans – 42% of the vote

Dorothy Kirk – Calstock – 39% of the vote

Jayne Kirkham – Falmouth Penwerris – 64% of the vote

Laurie Magowan – Falmouth Arwenack – 37% of the vote

Cornelius Olivier

Cornelius Olivier

We were all devastated to lose our staunch champion, Cornelius Olivier, standing in the new Division of Penzance East, who was beaten by the “Independent” incumbent, Tim Dwelly.

Cornelius has represented Penzance Central brilliantly for the last 8 years but had to stand in East after the old wards were scrapped and the Council was reduced from 123 members to 87.

Penzance, our CLP and many people across Cornwall, will greatly miss his political nous and vigorous and articulate advocacy in the Council but I know we will continue to rely on his expertise and experience and advice outside.

“I remain committed to Penzance and its community organisations and in particular to trying to do anything I can about our local housing crisis.”

We all owe Cornelius a huge debt and eagerly look forward to Cornelius II – the revenge.

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