St Ives Constituency Labour Party

The parliamentary constituency of St Ives stretches from Lizard Point to Lands End, St Keverne to St Just, embracing Helston, St Ives and Penzance, all the way out to the Isles of Scilly.
That’s an electorate of 64,270.
We currently about 800 members.

We are a friendly and confident, member-led CLP.

In normal times we would welcome you once a month, usually on the second Tuesday.

We have not met in person since March but look forward to getting back to normal some time later in the Spring.

At the moment, our online Zoom meetings are being held on the second Wednesday to accommodate other callendaring demands.
They are well attended, vibrant and fun and usually no more than an hour and a half … so you won’t starve.
I some ways, the meetings are a great improvement – procedures are simpler and clearer and people who would normally find it difficult to get a word in edgeways can contribute so everyone gets to participate fully and have their say.

We discuss national and local issues and regularly arrange for expert presentations. There’s always a lot of campaigning to plan and our councillors usually attend and report back to us on what they’ve been doing.

The business part of the meetings, “house keeping”, is usually short and sweet – we get done done what needs doing.
The debate part is always lively and frequently enlightening.
And we never forget the importance of just saying hello and connecting with with each other.

Some Useful Documents

Some of these documents can be hard to find on the Labour Website …
especially when you’re in a hurry 🙂

We like to think we put the social into socialism.


Meet Ellen the Chough

Our Mascot is named for Ellen Wilkinson MP
(1891 – 1947)