Jon Lansman

Cornwall Council – Mousehole, Newlyn & St Buryan

Cornwall Council – Mousehole, Newlyn & St Buryan

This year’s Cornwall County Council election is an opportunity to begin to change the politics of Cornwall.

In Parliamentary elections, the Tories and Liberals have between them dominated the politics of Cornwall for well over a century. They have alternated the lead, with the Lib Dems remaining the challenger after they lost their last Cornish MP in 2015 after supporting the Tories in government for 5 years.

Labour’s never had more than one seat in Cornwall, more often none and until 2015 fewer votes than the Lib Dems but in 2017 we beat them, turned both Camborne Redruth and Truro Falmouth into winnable marginals and became the main challenger to the Tories county-wide. In 2019, a disastrous election at a national level, we extended that county-wide lead. We are now in second place to the Tories and the main challenger in 4 out of 6 seats.

It is vital that we keep it that way. We cannot allow the Lib Dems to pretend to offer an alternative to the Tories on the crucial issues of employment and housing, poverty and inequality, and we must therefore prevent them establishing themselves as the main challenger on the County Council. That means we have to aim to fight them and the Tories in every seat.

That is why I would like to be the candidate in Newlyn, Mousehole St Buryan where I live, two miles out of Newlyn. I know the chances of winning the seat are slim, but we must establish Labour as the alternative to the Tories in Cornwall.

I am a lifelong campaigner.

Though I am relatively new to Cornwall, I’ve been active in the Labour Party since 1974. I was on the National Executive Committee for the last 3 years, and as a founder and the first chair of Momentum, I am proud to have made a substantial contribution to recent election campaigns, mobilising tens of thousands of activists to campaign in marginal seats across the country including in Cornwall.

I’ve also campaigned or held elected office in small towns and rural areas as well as large cities, led community campaigns against health cuts, chaired school governing bodies, and been a trustee of community groups and a national cancer campaign. I would welcome the opportunity to apply this experience and my proven commitment to active campaigning here in Penwith.

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