Steve Hynes

Cornwall Council – St Ives East, Lelant & Carbis Bay

Cornwall Council – St Ives East, Lelant & Carbis Bay

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I am proud to have served the Party as an elected member on three councils, most recently for the London borough of Ealing.  At Ealing I was a member of the cabinet and chaired the Planning Committee prior to stepping down in 2018.

Before to moving to Cornwall two years ago, I headed a charity which campaigns on access to justice. I continue to work as a freelance journalist and campaigner in this field.

Cornwall faces problems of severe deprivation caused by long-term economic decline. There is a lack of good job-opportunities and housing, especially for young people, which can only be addressed by the radical policies of the fairer distribution of cash and other resources Labour stands for.

The results in the last general election were very disappointing.  Cornwall returned six Tory MPs, but I believe we have an opportunity to build our support. For too long the Liberal Democrats locally, due to historic reasons and shamelessly misleading campaigning tactics, have stolen Labour votes. Propping-up the coalition government exposed them as the barely watered-down Tories they are- the public should not be allowed to forget this. Particularly in the St Ives constituency we need to hammer home the message that by voting LibDem you only get a Tory by another name.

We live in strange times. The COVID 19 pandemic has had a severe social and economic impact. People are fearful about the future. As a Party we need to provide the leadership and above all hope, that we can build a fairer society for the many and not just the few.

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