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St Erth Parish Council

St Erth Parish Council

The strength of the communities in Cornwall not only fills me with awe, but drives me to do better for my family, my neighbours and the wider community. As a resident of St Erth I am constantly shown the way people can work together to achieve wonderful things, but also the need for some of these to be provided by residents when the Council has left gaps in provision. We have the opportunity to work together to make the change and give local people what they both deserve, and are asking for.

As a Parish Councillor in St Erth I know how difficult it can be seeing decisions being made out of county, how big businesses can crush local people but also how by working as a team real change can be made for residents.

I work locally in retail and manufacturing for a Cornish SME as well as freelance, my husband works for a library and gallery and our son goes to school. As a family we experience the breadth of challenges this variety brings; whether that is ensuring we can pay our rent, we are able to get home for the school run or using the roads, trains and bikes to get to work.

Having grown up in social housing and lived in precarious private rental I still dream of one day being able to buy my own permanent house, an experience I know I share with those who simply need a safe, decent home they can afford.

I was brought up within a politically engaged family and the simple understanding that what’s ‘better for my family’ is exactly the same as what’s ‘better for my community’ as the two should never be separated.

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