Executive Committee +

Including Campaign, Fund Raising, Local Campaign Forum and Coordinators

Campaign Committee

Pat Hammond

Steve Cordel

Cornelius Olivier

Joan Beveridge

Aaron Broadhurst

plus Chair and Treasurer: Nicole Broadhurst; Rachel Pulley

Fundraising Committee

Nicole Broadhurst

Jan Arnold

Wendy Gribbin

Delegates to Local Campaign Forum (LCF)

Aaron Broadhurst

Joan Beveridge

Mick Kennedy

Rex Henry

Jon Lansman

Martin Tunnicliffe-Squirrel

2 Vacancies remain

Local Campaign Forum Executive Committee member

Nicole Broadhurst


If you would like to stand for one of the posts, we can elect an Officer or Coordinator at any CLP meeting – please use the email form on our contact page.

Disability Officer

Community Involvement Coordinator

Fundraising Coordinator

IT Coordinator