Get Involved

Following the death of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, St Ives CLP will resume campaigning on Tuesday 13 April

If you’d like to get involved with that please let us know – .

We know that lots of us remain cautious about a return to the doorstep and so we will not ask anyone to do more than they feel comfortable with. There are lots and lots of ways to get involved both on the doors and from home so please, if you want to help us win drop us an email to find out what you can do to help.

In May there will be elections for Cornwall Council itself and all the Town and Parish Councils in our area.

This is our chance to make that change a positive one for all of us.

We need you now.

There are so many things you can do to make a difference.

This campaign is going to be different – and as tough as any we have fought – there are many things we cannot do – we’re going to have to be imaginative and improvise.

There will be no doorstepping and personal canvassing but we can still engage with our neighbours, families and friends – let’s use our social networks like we’ve never used them before.

Stand Up

Stand up and be counted

Being a councillor can be a challenge but you can make a difference … for the better.

At any level – Cornwall, Town or Parish – make sure that ordinary people’s voices are heard on planning, spending, services and development, youth provision and social care. This is our home … and it’s up to us how it is run.

If you’re interested in standing get in touch with our CLP Secretary, Joan Beveridge …


Talk to your family and friends

  • get them to register for a postal vote themselves – and stay safe
  • encourage them to vote because it does make a difference
  • persuade them to vote Labour because our stories, our lives, our personal experiences need to be listened to
  • we are the second party in Cornwall and our voice needs to be heard – we can make a difference.
Share our stuff on social media

Share all our stuff on social media

Share, like, comment and repost, retweet, post your own stories.

Donate to help our campaigns

And last but by no means least …

Honestly, every little helps.
If every member gave just £2 we would have an additional £1600 to fight our election campaign.

Or buy one of our beautiful Ellen the Chough St Ives Labour mugs.

Display a window poster

We will soon have a new range of designs for you to choose from.

Put up a poster board

If you think you might be able to help in any way please get in touch

Tell us who you are
Include your membership number, if you have it to hand
Tell us where you are
And if there is a specific candidate you want to support
And if you want to focus on just one area
Include a phone number so we can get back to you
And please suggest anything new you think we should try