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Our Plan to Save Jobs

Britain faces a jobs crisis: we must fight for jobs, businesses and high streets.

The Government’s failure to get a grip on the health crisis means we have been plunged deeper into an economic crisis.

The Chancellor could have acted to protect jobs, with a short-time working scheme that encouraged employers to keep more workers on. Instead, our country looks headed for 1980s levels of unemployment.

There are big questions to be asked over whether the Chancellor’s new Job Support Scheme will sufficiently support jobs.

And there was nothing for the hundreds of thousands of people who have already sadly lost their jobs.

People need security and opportunity, but the government has no plan to give them it.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Labour has set out three steps to a better, more secure future for Britain.

Find out about Labour’s three steps to a better, more secure future: recover, retrain, rebuild.