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The Tories are cutting our NHS heroes’ pay – Sign our Petition

For more than a decade, the NHS has been chronically underfunded by the Conservative Government. Over the last ten years, the Conservatives have weakened the NHS’ foundations through outsourcing to private companies and ignoring calls to properly fund and staff our hospitals. Nurses pay is less now than it was in 2010.

The NHS is the beating heart of Britain and Labour’s proudest achievement. We will never stop fighting to protect it, to ensure it is properly funded, and to make sure it can continue to provide cradle to grave care, free at the point of need, to everyone.

The Tories are cutting our NHS heroes’ pay  

Throughout the Covid crisis, doctors, nurses and NHS workers have put their lives at risk to protect us all.

They’ve gone above and beyond in the most challenging circumstances – proving that real heroes wear scrubs.

But how do Rishi Sunak and Boris Johnson thank them?

By giving them a pay cut.

They found £40,000 for a pay-rise for Dominic Cummings after his trip to Barnard Castle.

They found £37 BILLION for Serco Test and Trace.

They found a fortune to spent on dodgy outsourced contracts.

But for our nurses?

£3.50 a week.

This won’t even cover the cost of their parking while at work.

The Government’s contempt for our doctors, nurses and NHS workers is disgraceful.

Take action.

Demand the Government gives our Covid Heroes a pay rise.

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