It was great to see so many old friends in the same “room” after so long and to welcome new faces too.

We held out first online AGM last night, Tuesday 15th December 2020.
It was great to see so many old friends in the same “room” after so long and to welcome new faces too.

As with all of these things nowadays, it was a technical nightmare and yet, hopefully no-one really noticed. With everyone’s forbearance it worked far better than we’d hoped.

We were all so pleased that it was resolved to augment all future meetings, when we can do them in the flesh, with a “wide-screen” digital contribution from members unable to attend.

Our first full CLP meeting will be in January and online.

Rex spoke eloquently of his disenchantment with the new leadership and gracefully stood down as chair.

The election of Executive Committee Officers and Coordinators had largely been decided in advance as most positions were unopposed but everyone was pleased that members did offer themselves from the floor and most positions were filled.

You can find them all here and if you would like to stand for any of the vacancies please get in touch as we can hold an election at any CLP meeting.

Nicole Broadhurst is our new Chair. She is currently the Mayor of Penzance and represents Central Ward on Penzance Council.
She said: I am thrilled to have been elected Chair and am looking forward to the challenge of working with the whole CLP to secure wider representation for our party and our communities in all levels of local government.

Our CLP has faced challenges of all sorts in the last year but our membership has stayed pretty constant: 83 people have resigned and 170 have let their membership lapse but we have had 65 people rejoin and about 150 new members.
We are still a large and diverse CLP and if we can mobilise and engage online and in the real world we can effect tangible, positive, and much needed, changes on the Lizard, across Penwith and in Cornwall generally.

Minutes and Officers’ reports will be sent out very soon.

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