town candidate

Marion Joan Beveridge

St Ives Town Council – West

St Ives Town Council

Elected Unopposed

In the town of St Ives, the pandemic has highlighted the divisions between the haves and have nots like never before; food poverty, low wage jobs, the lack of council housing and genuinely affordable social housing, alongside extensive periods of enforced home schooling, has most dramatically impacted on the lives of women and young people.

St Ives has two amazing resources in Flashlight and Kids R Us.  When Phil Barnett talked to the Town Council before the Pandemic, I listened to his presentation on the invaluable work Kids R Us do, not only in developing their creative potential, but also providing them with a safe space away from abusive homes.  I was incredibly impressed.   When young people engage with the creative Arts, it builds their self-confidence, improves their social skills, and helps them discover who they are, in a safe space.  Useful life skills as well as career building skills.

This all lies very close to my heart.  I started my working life touring rural schools, in a Theatre in Education Company.  We were penniless actors, the work was hard but incredibly rewarding.  We performed two shows a day, bringing culture, creativity and imagination, and I hope a degree of visible professionalism, to young people of all ages. 

Services for Young People and, indeed, the Arts Sector, need in a post-Covid world, to be urgently restored, properly funded and properly supported, not subject to the whims of political expediency.  The merits of supporting Services for Young People needs to be promoted and valued, not only for the enrichment and betterment of Young People but also for the communities in which they live.  This is where my skills and interest lie, and, if elected, I will work hard to support these objectives.